17 february 2019 - Bulletin

Series: “All That Matters”

Message: The Power of the Precious


Welcome!  Please stop by the Guest Connections and let us meet you.


Tuesday @ 6pm & Wednesday @ 11am - “UnSTUFFED” for Women.  Please text (252) 342-8662 for addresses and directions.


Wednesday - Join us at 6:30 for fellowship, food, and as we focus on Mark 2 from the study "The Gospel of Mark" led by Francis Chan.  Our school age kids will be having a “Roaring” good time in the Wild Kingdom with their own activities (hint - 2019 VBS songs).


Next Sunday - Join us for our 4th Sunday Fellowship Lunch.  Please bring a side dish; the church will provide meat, drink, and desserts. Let's fellowship!!


Next Sunday – Wild Kingdom Ministry Training. If you feel called to serve in the Wild Kingdom Ministry, please sign up at Guest Connections.


Next Sunday – We are starting a group on Sundays for young men, ages 12-16.  Josh Cannon and Charlie Ward ask that all young men meet with them for a short get-acquainted meeting.

March 5 - The Band of Brothers will meet at 6:30 at the church to continue the series, "Be a Godly Man" with the topic “Be Strong.”


March 7 – Coastal Pregnancy Care Center’s “Celebrate Life” banquet.  Please reserve your seats before March 1st.  Text: (252) 247-2273 or email: cpccbanquet@hotmail.com.


All-Natural Honey - $13 each.  Proceeds go to “International Cross-Cultural Missions” for Paraguay.  Kit & Paulette Teasdale, Newport, NC

(252) 474-5499


March 3, 10, & 17 – Are you new to South Banks Community Church?  Or, have you been a part of South Banks Community Church for a length of time, but you want to know more about SBX: How this body of believers began, what we believe as a part of the body of Christ, where can you become a part of the ministry/work of this church, how can you become a part of the work, how can you become a member of this local body of Christ?  If you have answered “yes” to any of these questions, then “Connect” is definitely for you.  The Connect group will meet at 9:00 am on each of these three Sunday mornings, and you will have the opportunity to have each of these questions answered for you.  If you want to be a part of this opportunity, please sign the “Connect” Sign-up List on the Guest Connections desk near the church entrance.

The Gospel of Mark

By Francis Chan


Wednesdays at South Banks Church @ 6:30pm

Welcome to The Gospel of Mark, featuring Francis Chan. This eleven-part Bible study walks through both the text of Mark’s gospel and the actual locations where Jesus journeyed.


This Bible study series hopes to take you and your group on a journey—following Jesus as he leads his twelve stumbling companions along the path of discipleship. This study will challenge you and your group to take the same journey. At the end, you’ll have to answer a very important question: Will you give up everything to follow Jesus?

This Weeks Sermon

Watch Associate Pastor Don Wolford talk about the upcoming sermon.