14 April 2019 - Bulletin

Message: Jesus the King


Welcome!  Please stop by the Guest Connections and let us meet you.


Today – All-Staff planning meeting following Worship.


Today - Family Promise. Contact Marti Cusick or Carmen Hyatt.


Today – Children’s Musical Production rehearsal, “Unselfie”, at 3:00 pm.


Today - Rehearsal for people involved in Maundy Thursday at 4:00 pm.


Thursday – Maundy Thursday service at 6:30 pm.  We’re asking that all Home Groups attend this service instead of meeting in your homes.


Month of April – Join us as we continue our journey through the “21 Days of John”, leading up to the Easter season.  This has Tommy Walker singing each day about one chapter from the Book of John.

Next Sunday – Easter Sunday!

Home Groups

Our current Home Groups:



      McKeel - Monday at 6:30 pm; 111 Carraway Dr., Beaufort.  "Gospel of John"

      Keefe - Wednesday at 6:30 pm; 2561 Lennoxville Rd., Beaufort.  "Gospel of John"

Morehead City:

      Willis - Wednesday at 6:30 pm; 3705 Oxford Ct., MHC. “Gospel of Mark”

      Infusion Café - Thursday at 8:00am; 1012 Arendell St, MHC.  "Waking the Dead"

      Humphrey – Monday at 6:00pm; 3616 Country Club Rd, MHC. "Gospel of John"


      Doshier - Wednesday at 6:30pm; 847 Nine Foot Rd, Newport; “The Common Rule”

      Stratton - Wednesday at 6:30 pm; 111 Gracelyn Ln. Newport. “Crazy Love”.

Hwy 24:

      Kaiser - Sunday at 5:00 pm; 219 Island View Dr., Newport; "Gospel of John"


Honeymooners Club – At the church. Friday at 7:00 pm; “Forgotten God”


Marriage Matters – At the church. 1st Sundays at 4:00 pm; Marital Relationships.

This Weeks Sermon

Watch Associate Pastor Don Wolford talk about the upcoming sermon.